The Art of Everyday Moments, Courtesy of the L’Occitane Sales Lady

I had to fight the crowds today to get one last gift for which we waited to late to order online. So I dutifully trudged to NorthPark Center -- my favorite mall in the entire North Texas region, if I must select one -- this morning and hoped that getting there early would make it easy to find a parking space. I clearly wasn't … [Read More...]

Running as an act of grace

The Heart is a Lonely Runner

After what happened at Boston last week , I've been obsessed with getting back to running. Those of you who've been reading this blog for awhile know that I'm a big … [Read More...]

Book Reviews

‘Round the World

Leaving town

I know my posting has been rather sporadic of late, and for that I'm very sorry. It's been such a weird few months of … [Read More...]